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K2 SmartObject

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The K2 SmartObject data source allows a user to connect the template directly to a K2 SmartObject which needs to be setup prior to template creation. All the end-user requires is the SmartObjects URL and input parameter.

  • Make sure K2 SmartObject has been selected in the Data Source Builder window.

  • Provide the data source with a name and insert the URL into the Service Endpoint textbox then click Load.

Once the SmartObject has been loaded, the user will be required to provide an input parameter in order to successfully return data from the SmartObject. This can be achieved either by using a SharePoint List field from the Default Data Source or by manually providing an input.

  • Select/input an input parameter.

  • Once an input has been provided, click Generate. 

The Product will run a quick test, using the Default Data Source rows as input for the test, to confirm that the SmartObject is returning data. Once complete, it displays the fields in the Generated Tags pane.

  • Click on the OK button to add the data source to the template.


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