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SQL Server Data Source

SQL Server Data Sources allow tags to be built from data returned by SQL stored procedures.

To add a SQL Data Source, click on “Add Source” in the Data Tags right-hand pane.

Note: If the SQL Server Data Source is not available for use, see Under Data Source Type on the left, ensure SQL Server is selected.

Enter a name in the Data Source Name field.

Choose a connection method:

  • Server Name & Database – Enter in the server name/IP address and the database name.
  • Connection String – Type in the connection string.

After the connection type and details are entered in, click “Connect”.

The Product will require the user to enter in credentials to connect to the database.


Click “Ok” to confirm credentials.

Once it has been successfully connected to the database select a stored procedure from the database.

The Product gives the user the ability to return the data in a tabular format. If chosen the table needs to be named.

If a SQL store procedure’s code allows input fields, select an input field from the template’s SharePoint list that the store procedure will use to retrieve the relevant data or enter in a default value that will work with the store procedure or insert a default value to be used to retrieve very specific data from the stored procedure.

When done, click “Generate” to run a test.

The SQL store procedure is returning values successfully.

Click “Ok” to add the Data Source to the template.

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