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Field Mapping


Field mapping is not available for configuring by default there is a prerequisite to be met. A location has been set for the merged document to be stored, see Location Options. Field Mapping can be utilised to save specified string fields data from the template to available columns (string fields only) of the document library where the merged document will be stored. It is extra functionality to make the merged documents more identifiable and unique when stored with many more documents.


The data type of the field you select to map a field to have to be of the same format of the field to be mapped.

  • Chose the appropriate field and click on the “Select Tag” button.
  • Select the field (Tag) that needs to be mapped and click “Ok”.

  • Once a mapping is done it may be deleted via the “x” button.



To see how to test this, apply these settings along with the guidelines from these sections; Manual, Save to document library, Location Options.

The field has to be shown in the SharePoint Library in order to view the mapping set.

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