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How do I stop Automatic Numbering in Templates?

One of the major issues with Word is that it loves to continue numbering automatically. As such if you are prone to using Content Sections which contain headers and numbered sections you fall upon the following issues:

1) When the Table of Contents updates the numbers of Heading 2 columns continues
2) Numbering in paragraphs continues

What this means is you will have:
Heading 1
1. Sub heading 1.1
2. Sub heading 1.2
Heading 2
3. Sub heading 2.1
4. Sub heading 2.2

This is obviously incorrect and your headings 3 and 4 should also be 1 and 2. So how do we resolve this problem? Styles in word can be used to overcome this issue. As such in each new template create a custom Heading 2 style.

Create the template
Highlight the heading 2
Right click and select "Styles>Save this section as a new quick style"
Give the Style a name, I normally use TemplateName Heading 2
Modify the style to ensure it inherits from Heading 2
Save the template
Merge your master template to ensure the content section is added with the correct numbering.

The same applies to numbering in paragraphs - to edit these change the style of the numbering to "Normal" and then re-apply the numbering format. This should stop the continuation of numbering.

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