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SlideGeneration Document Settings

An array of settings is available around the result of merging a template.

Merged document name

By default, the resulting merged document is given the same name as the template. This can be edited here, and it can also be adjusted to optionally include values from a field.

  • Click on “Select Tag”.
  • Choose a Data Tag and click “Ok”.


To remove the field from the name textbox; double click on the added field (red text) and press “backspace” on the keyboard.

Result: merged document with the field value added to the name.

Attach to item after merge

Checking this option denotes that the merged document will be added as an attachment to the item that initiated the merge.

  • Check “Attach to item after merge”.

Result: the merged document gets added to the item that initiated the merge.

Save to document library

This option denotes that when the document gets merged it will save the merged document to a specific SharePoint Document Library.

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