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Configure Event

When setting up an on-completion web service event for a template, the user has the option to configure the specific web service settings. For example, if your on-completion service is designed to send emails, this function could be used to allow the user to enter a specific ‘To’ address or subject for the email.

In order to allow the user to configure your web service settings, you’ll need to create an .ASPX page with the same name as your web service .ASMX. This page will then be loaded into the template properties screen.
I.e. Where your Web Service is named OCServiceLoggingService.asmx your configure page needs to be named OCServiceLoggingService.aspx

The configuration page can save data against the template; this can then be used at a later stage when the on-completion service is executed. To allow for this, your aspx page is required to include a javascript function “OnCompletionConfigXml”. This function should return a string, which will represent the configuration data that is saved against your template. The template properties dialog will invoke this method when the configuration page is performs a submit/post action. The configuration returned by the method will then be saved against the template and can be retrieved at a later stage by the API. 

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