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The Sign In dialogue allows users to open templates from SharePoint while being logged into SharePoint using different credentials to that utilized by the OS on their machine. The product ribbon being signed-in, using the SharePoint credentials, allows the template to be successfully authenticated with the SharePoint site from which it gets opened from. The reason the template needs to be authenticated is due to certain product functionality requiring access to gather "live" information from the SharePoint site.

A user with the product ribbon installed might be required to sign-in to it after opening the template from SharePoint due to it not being active (as seen in the below screenshot). This might occur if multiple SharePoint sites are being accessed from one user machine and the user is still signed-in to the one SharePoint site while trying to access a template from the other SharePoint site (assuming the SharePoint user accounts being used are different).

Most times end-users will already be authenticated and sign-in will not be necessary as it is done automatically by the product. When a user opens a template and the user signed-in to the ribbon is successfully authenticated the product ribbon will be available to be used.

  • To sign-in to the product ribbon, click the Sign In button to bring up the sign in options.

The Credentials window allows the user to view what SharePoint user is currently signed into the ribbon, the authentication type that was used to sign in with and the template permissions the signed-in user had.

  • To sign in as a different user, click on the “Sign in as Different User” hyperlink.


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