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How does DocGeneration integrate with SharePoint?

The DocGeneration Suite is deployed to the SharePoint server as a Microsoft SharePoint Solution. This allows DocGeneration to integrate with the core functions of SharePoint through Features, Event Receivers and the Web Service.


A feature is a container of extensions for SharePoint. After a feature is deployed to the SharePoint server, it can be activated on individual sites in the SharePoint server. These features can basically be summed up as the extensibility that DocGeneration provides, e.g. the ability to insert data and other documents into a new document defined by a template and various rules or the DocGeneration tools such as template management that are available in a list or library within the SharePoint interface as seen in the images below:

Event receivers

Due to DocGeneration designed and deployed as a SharePoint solution it has access to certain core-level functionality within SharePoint, such as being able to perform operations when items are added or changed in a list or library. The event receivers are also present in the API and can be called upon to begin a merge with specified criteria.
The event receiver can also receive events from a web service e.g. Qorus Breeze Proposals.

Web service & Other functionality

DocGeneration has it's own web service that processes certain inputs from the SharePoint site it is deployed on as well as providing the ability to adjust DocGeneration & SlideGeneration settings via SharePoint Central Administration:

The web service also provides the add-in files so that you may install the DocGeneration and SlideGeneration add-ins which integrate with Word or PowerPoint, via your SharePoint site:


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