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DocGeneration Suite Trace Logging

Implemented into the product: v5.5.0
Who this article is intended for: Power users/Administrators/Server Managers

An enhancement has been made to DocGeneration logging to include "area" and "category" when logging to the SharePoint ULS logs. These product logs are in a deactivated state by default and will need to be turned on. In some areas of the product, Verbose trace information has been added and available on demand. See explanation and setup below:

SharePoint Trace Log levels DocGeneration Suite uses:

Monitorable - This level records messages about all unrecoverable events that limit the functionality of the solution but do not stop the application. When set to this level, the log also includes events that the Unexpected setting records.

Verbose - This means that SharePoint records every action that it takes (currently limited to the DocGen installer and API). Verbose-level logging can quickly use drive space and affect drive and server performance. You can use verbose-level logging to record more detail when you are making critical changes and then reconfigure logging to record only higher-level events after you make the change.

What product functionality is captured per SharePoint logging level:

Monitorable - DocGen installer and API

Verbose - DocGen installer and API

How to turn Trace logging on/off:

  • Using the farm/admin account on the SharePoint server, navigate to Central Admin.
  • Click on the Logging hyperlink in the DocGeneration node

  • To activate or deactivate the logging, use the check box and click OK.

How to configure the Trace logging:

  • Once in the Logging page, click on the "click here" hyperlink which redirects you to the SharePoint Diagnostic Logging page in Central Admin.

  • Select the appropriate product (that the user is merging with) that you would like to troubleshoot.

Next, set the "Least critical event to report to the trace log" according the above mentioned methods (Monitorable/Verbose):

Once all other settings are configured, click OK.

Get the end user to reproduce the merging issue for it to be logged and further investigated.

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