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Replace with Tag

It is possible to create a template from a document that resides somewhere in the file system. For these newly created templates it is very useful to be able to find text in the template and replace occurrences of it with a specified data tag that exists in the data source.


To use this feature, the template must contain static text (that is eligible for being replaced with a data tag).

Click on, “Replace with tag”.

Type in a string value that needs to be replaced and then click “Select Tag”.

Now select a tag from the list that needs to be inserted in the template and then click “Ok”.

There are four options available; two for formatting and two for replacing:

Match Case

This option makes the search more specific, that when a “Find Next” is done, it locates the string that matches the search criteria by case.

Find whole words only

This option makes the search more specific, by denoting that the string to search for can only be a whole word, not a string part of another word.


This button replaces the searched for string with a specified data tag.

Replace All

This button replaces all instances of the matching searched for string.

Find Next

This button is like the search button. It finds the next string matching the search criteria, after the cursor position in the template.

Below is an example on how to replace a string with a data tag.

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