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Assembling a Template from a SharePoint List

DocGeneration gives the user the ability to initiate a merge of a template based on a SharePoint List event.

There are three List Events that can be chosen:

  • Item Added
  • Item Updated
  • Manual

These events need to be specified in the published template that needs to be merged. Once these events are applied and the template gets published, it officially becomes eligible for merging.

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  • Once the all settings have been applied and the template has been published in the Library, navigate to the SharePoint List that the template is associated to and the merge needs to be initiated from.

  • To merge any template associated to this list that has the "Item Updated" or "Item Added", update or add an item in/to the SharePoint List.

This will automatically trigger a merge with those templates.

  • To manually merge a template, select an item from the SharePoint List and click on the "Assemble" button.

DocGeneration will now take the user to a template selection screen, where a filtered view of the Template Gallery will display all templates that have the "Manual" merge event selected.

  • Select the template that needs to be merged.

Once the template has been selected, DocGeneration will then automatically merge the template. It will re-route the user to the SharePoint List from which the merge was initiated and create a status column using the template's name that got used in the merge. This field displays a status of the merge so the user has a point of reference for merge completion or failure notifications.

An output location for the merged document can be applied in the template if need be. This will save the output/merged document inside a specified SharePoint Library.

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