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Re-using a Business Rule

Once a Business Rule is created it can be re-used in the template. The first time created and used, it will be called “Instance 1” and branch off the actual Business Rule in the right side pane. Therefore when adding a new Business Rule the user has the option to re-use the Rule in the “Configure Business Rule” pane.

If an existing Rule needs to be re-used, highlight the area in the template that requires the Rule, and click “New” in the right side pane.

Alternatively you can use the contextual menu inside the business rule pane by selecting the rule you wish to re-use and right-click that item to bring up the contextual menu. Here you can select the Re-Use option.

Then select the option, “Use existing rule”. The specific Rule can be chosen (from previously created Rules) and viewed but not edited.


The Product will validate whether a Business Rule can be reused or not depending on where the user is applying the Rule (e.g. repeating Section or DocGeneration table).

Click “Ok” to add the rule. Another instance will be added to the right side pane.

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