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Adding a Dynamic Style to a Template

Dynamic styles allow the user to apply styling to any string.

  • To access the Dynamic Styles pane, click on the “Dynamic Styles” button.

  • To add a Dynamic Style, highlight the string it should be applied to, then click on the “New” button.

  • In the Dynamic Styles window, the options are broken up into logical sections:
    • Who (1) - Which Style to apply
    • When (2) - When to apply it
    • How (3) - What styling to apply.

  • Create a new style by clicking on the “Style Name” radio button and then giving it a unique name.

  • If the style already exists, it can be re-used by selecting the “Use Existing Style” radio button then selecting from the available styles that have been previously been created.


This can only be applied when creating a new Dynamic Style, not when creating a Dynamic Style when it is based on an existing one.

  • Once happy with the selection of customizations, click “Ok” to add the Dynamic Style to the Dynamic Styles right side pane.

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