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Inserting a Table Tag into a Template

Table Tags can live inside:

  • Repeating Sections (known as Nested Tables)
  • Content Sections
  • Business Rules
  • Lock Sections
  • Word Shapes or Tables
  • In the Template

The Product table gets populated according to how many rows of data exist in the Data Source. At merge time the Table will get populated dynamically with all the rows of data unless conditions are set in the data source themselves or code by the developer.

Drag the Table Tag into the template.

When a table gets dropped onto the template, a Table Properties window opens up, allowing the user to set the properties of the table.

Select the fields that are required in the table by; selecting one field at a time or for multiple selections hold the “Ctrl” key then click the single right arrow button to add them.

If all the fields are required, simply click the right double arrow button to select all the fields.

The order at which the fields get inserted into the table can be rearranged. By selecting a selected field and by using the up and down arrow keys the order can be changed.

Now click “Header and Footer” to view extra table options.

From this tab choices about the table layout can be changed.


This option puts the header row on top of the table and denotes that table grow downwards when populated.


This option puts the header column down the left side of the table and denotes that it grows to the right when populated.


This option removes the header row.

Add Footer Row:

This option denotes there will be a footer row added to the bottom of the table.

When done, click “Ok” to add the table.

Note: If none of the properties (Headers and Footers, Sorting and Filtering) are set, The Product will natively add the table to the template with a header row that denotes it to be populated downwards.

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