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Creating a Custom Base Template

This option is used in conjunction with “This template uses the default base template” and allows the user to create and customise a reusable template. The aim is to create and customise a template with branding, styles, page sizes, margins and headers & footers so that future templates can be based off this one, eliminating the need to repetitively recreate the same styling in each new template.

Important Notes:

  • A customised base template can only reside inside the Template Gallery due to the Template Gallery being the shared repository for the entire site. This checkbox option will not be available when creating a template inside a Document Library therefore a customised base template cannot reside inside a Document Library.
  • Customised base templates are not required to be published like a normal template, just checked-in.
  • Any smart functionality (DocGen functionality) used inside the customised case template will be inherited when a template is based on that custom base template.
  • Templates that have been based on a customised Base template do not remain linked to that base template in any way, once it has been created. If the Customised Base template has been updated in any way, those updates will not automatically be inherited or reflect in the templates that have been based on the customised base template.

To create the template:

  • Provide a unique name for the template.
  • Check "This template can be used as a base template".

  • Once the file is loaded, click OK to create the file.

SharePoint will redirect the user back to the repository with the template checked out to them.

At any time during a templates life, it can be made a reusable base template providing the template resides in the Template Gallery. View article: Template Properties - Standard-Settings

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