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The Template Gallery

When Document or Slide Generation gets activated on a SharePoint site it triggers the creation of a SharePoint Document Library called the "Template Gallery". It is a centralised hidden library, where templates can be created, stored and managed. It is similar to a SharePoint Document Library when it comes to SharePoint document management options, but contains all the extra DocGeneration functionality as well. The Template Gallery can be accessed via a SharePoint List or Library using a DocGeneration button and will therefore be viewed as a filtered representation of each list’s or library’s templates. The end-user will never use or see the entire Library, only the List’s or Library’s filtered view. This is why template names, when being created inside the Template Gallery, need to be unique throughout the sites Template Gallery, regardless via which List or Library it has been accessed from.

Important Notes:

  • It is the only place templates can reside when a merge server is being used to merge templates via the API (where the merge server picks up templates from).
  • It is the only place in which an end user can install the add-in from (direct download or manual download).
  • Versioning settings on the Template Gallery library should not/never be turned off.
  • There is a Template Gallery per site level in SharePoint. Not per site-collection.
  • The Template Gallery gets created once the product has been activated on the site in Central Admin.
  • It is the only location for an end-user to check which version of DocGen is installed on the SharePoint server.
  • An end-user requires the "Design" permission in the SharePoint site to access the Template Gallery.
  • It is the only repository that Customised Base Templates can reside.

To access the Template Gallery:

  • Select a List or Library.
  • Click on the “List” or “Library” button in the Tool tab.
  • Now click on the “Template Settings” (DocGeneration) button to access the gallery.

From a list:

From a library:

The Template Gallery:


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